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Just tried the pink apple NE10 cans. Unbelievable! Taste of summer like a twister ice lolly.

Jake Cornish

Perfect blend, refreshing taste, and easy to grab on the go.

Daniel Jhonson
Actor, Entrepreneur

Wow, can see these being a real storm this summer.

Terry Stones

Well, what can I say! Managed to get first tasters on the NEW NE10 Pink Apple Cans, and they are INSANE!! Taste like a Twister ice-lolly and who doesn’t like them! They’re so pretty too!
stocking up for the tours and parties for this summer, as soon as they’ve launched. Banging!

Tulisa Contostavlos

My new favourite go-to RTD can. Great flavour and great look. NE10 vodka watch out for this.

Michelle Mckenna

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